I am a painter living in Chicago with my children. I studied art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I began my exploration of themes that depicted histories of people whose stories captivated me, moving me to wordlessly, instinctively and passionately give these "stories" life through my brush strokes, composition and strong use of color.

I have always been drawn to the work of the masters of the Renaissance- particularly the sumptuousness fullness of Caravaggio's compositions and color, Titian's "Assumption" where he conceived traditional groups of people moving in aerial space, executed in extraordinarly brave strokes of color and expression and Michelangelo, who used 9 panels illustrating episodes from the book of Genesis in the Sistine Chapel.
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Through careful study of people and themes that speak to me, I am able to become almost a medium or vessel that ingests emotions and feelings and transmits them on to a canvas, or multiple canvasses.

I am always seeking emotion that will move me to capture the bare essence of personal histories;  allowing a visual poem of this history to spring to life.

Losing myself in the process of making art crashes through the thresholds and barriers of social convention to explore social aberrations and life events that make up so many personal histories.
 These early influences, combined with artists such as Rothko's moving color field paintings and Gauguin's bravely symbolic, highly colored Tahitian work, enabled me to break free from the chains of preconceived notions of figurative painting.
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